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MsStevensPR.Com integrates your message, connects your audience, and establishes your brand into the social media platforms.

MsStevensPR.Com integrates your message, connects your audience, and establishes your brand into the social media platforms. MsStevensPR.Com positions Social Media Relevance ~ Target Market Relationships ~ Online Retention.  Contact us to position your business brand into the worldwide market today.

Miriam S. Stevens is an online social multimedia network strategist.  She works with entrepreneurs, special interest groups, and non-profits to develop a social media campaign, marketing strategy, and customer engagement blueprint.  She offers this three-prong approach to successfully connect business brands with their clientele. As the creator of MsStevensPR.Com, Miriam encourages productive, one-to-one focus meetings to pinpoint a company’s vision, research their targeted audience, and develop the right implementation plan.

Miriam S. Stevens hails from the Tidewater Virginia area where she received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Hampton University.  As a career professional, she honed her sales and marketing, customer service, and management skills.  She has worked with reputable corporations such as Verizon in their FIOS division, APAC Customer Services, Inc. as a Small Business Account Specialists, and currently IBEX Global as an iOS AppleCare Technical Support Team Supervisor.

Miriam likes to stay in the forefront of new media and technology innovation. Miriam enjoys social media discussion on current topics with the online community. Therefore, Miriam identified early on that Internet Marketing growth would change the landscape of traditional customer service delivery. So, in May 2012, Miriam pursued additional professional business credentials and achieved Class Valedictorian as she obtained a Master of Arts degree in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University. Miriam is the initiator of The Thankful Revolution, an online blog that encourages all to pursue their dreams even after traumatic life events.  Miriam survived a harrowing situation in her past and uses that experience to passionately assist others in their recovery.  Miriam plans to publish in a booklet that details how one can overcome from, “R.A.P.E. to R.E.A.P. – Keys to survive after a traumatic life event.”

Miriam definitely enjoys a robust life full of exciting adventures and unlimited opportunities.  Her passion to share joy, through the Thankful Revolution’s blog posts allows her and others to remain focus on the positive side of life.  She truly believes that in all things we should continue to keep a grateful attitude. Miriam enjoys participating with Divine Concept Group, Inc., a non-profit group that helps others uncover and fulfill their dreams and purpose.  She is the Senior Editor of Unveiled Purpose Magazine.  Miriam also is a consulting editorial director with Empyrean PR, a new media public relations firm.  In Miriam’s spare time, she spends time with her family and friends, either going to see the latest action-adventure movie or chatting on one of her social media networks. Miriam remains relevant in the dynamic trends aligned with social media audience engagement and the best practices to achieve positive brand management outcomes. Contact Miriam S. Stevens at MsStevensPR.com, Facebook, or Twitter to establish a prominent business brand message with the right Internet market.

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Miriam S. Stevens,
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MsStevensPR is a New Media Strategy and Integration firm. Our goal is to utilize social media marketing to launch independent and corporate brands and innovations worldwide. Miriam S. Stevens, CEO and New Media and Social Media Brand Management Strategist.


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