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January 28, 2015



TELEPHONE: 757-515-7142

Divine Concept Group, Inc. presents its Third  “Author’s & Writer’s Workshop and Independent Book Fair”

Hampton Roads/Tidewater Virginia aspiring authors and writers can now get the insider tips needed to bring their dreams into a realized published book.


Back by popular demand, the 3rd Author's and Writer's Workshop and Book Fair. Event Flyer Created by Miriam Stevens, CEO of MsStevensPR.Com

Back by popular demand, the 3rd Author’s and Writer’s Workshop and Book Fair. Event Flyer Created by Miriam Stevens, CEO of MsStevensPR.Com

(For downloadable event flyers click here)
HAMPTON, VA, January 28, 2015 – Divine Concept Group, Inc. presents its third “Author’s and Writer’s Workshop and Independent Book Fair” in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater Virginia area on February, 21, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The event brings back four seasoned authors, Ryan Jenkins, Rhonda Ross, Dwayne Ross, and Tanya Liverman. The event’s location is on the campus of Hampton University in the McGrew Towers Conference Center. The workshop not only provides information for writers who desire to publish their work, but it also gives local vendors a place to showcase their goods and services. Included in the registration fee is a lunch buffet where participants will enjoy local musical artist performances. For this third time event, Divine Concept Group, Inc. continues to receive the support of previous event partners Chrishawn Murray, CEO of Exposure Imaging and Henry Harris, President of Strategic Music Partnerships Excellence in Christian Music Awards.

By clicking on the below links, a photo compilation by Exposure Imaging of the 2014 event activities is viewable.  Past participants also shared a post on this partner’s Facebook page about their experience.


Click on below links to view the photo compilation:


2014 DCG Writers Workshop & Book Fair

DCG Writers Workshop Concert


Authors & Writer's Workshop, and Independent Author...

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get your book published easily without all of the hassle of a big time publishing company’s expenses. Learn how at this event. Photo: Courtesy of Divine Concept Group, Inc.

Currently, until February 1, 2015, interested attendees can register in advance and get a reduced ticket price. One can pay at the door on the event date but will not receive the benefit of a discount. So, to secure the special discount rate while it is still available, click on the below EventBrite page Link or click on the words “Early Bird” to take you to the registration page where you can secure your discounted ticket before time runs out.

"Early Bird" (Register in advance to secure a special discount ticket rate)!

Workshop sessions include: Lunch, entertainment, Book Fair, Networking opportunity with other authors, and resources to take your writing to the next level. Vendors are welcomed. To register visit the EventBrite page at the following link:

Divine Concept Group, Inc. provides this workshop and book fair as an event that aligns with the nonprofit’s mission to help individuals realize their passions and purpose.  This event also provides those interested in supporting the The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation foundation an avenue to donate as a portion of the proceeds will go to aid this charity.  Ericka Ward, CEO of Divine Concept Group, Inc. shares the group’s mission, “Divine Concept Group, Inc. is a non-profit organization that serves the community by providing essential resources, information, connections, partnerships, and activities so your personal passions, dreams, purpose, and vision can become realized.”

To help Divine Concept Group, Inc. promote its brand story, the organization enlists the services of Miriam S. Stevens, “The Brand Paramedic” and CEO of MsStevensPR.Com.  Ericka Ward, CEO of Divine Concept Group, Inc. shares how adding Miriam S.Stevens to the organization’s team benefits their brand promotional goals,“The Public Relations internship of Miriam Stevens has a dual benefit for Divine Concept Group. Ms. Stevens Internship fulfills the DCG mission goal of assisting our members as they pursue their life’s purpose, as well as providing a missing level of expertise to our organization in the area of Public Relations.”

Miriam Stevens is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Public Relations from Full Sail University and as a requirement of her degree, she works with Divine Concept Group, Inc. in the capacity of a student intern. Miriam has developed a Capstone Thesis that entails providing necessary PR and Marketing consultations for this organization. Miriam performed primary and secondary market research to uncover areas of opportunities that Divine Concept Group, Inc. could focus to improve its brand.

In the month of January, Miriam has initiated a nine question survey to uncover the group’s primary target market’s general demographics and social media preferences. Miriam has also provided a new face and target market for Divine Concept Group, Inc. to outreach that will help infuse the organization with fresh, technical savvy, energetic members. The challenge for the group is to capitalize on the current social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to start attracting this audience. The research supports continued effort to increase this group’s visibility online through engaging, multimedia content that shares Divine Concept Group’s story and brand. Once the target audience continues to receives consistent, interesting, heart-provoking, and intriguing messages about what Divine Concept Group, Inc. is about and does for the community, then this group can be in a better position to attract new members and retain their loyalty.

What the audience can expect to continue to see throughout this Capstone journey are more multimedia contents though video, podcast, photos, and blogs. Press and promotional content such as the storyline about the upcoming Author’s and Writer’s event will be provided to announce this group’s activities. Also, more video releases such as the promotional and informational video in this post will help boost visual content about this group’s activities. Also, revitalization of the current inactive website will occur where up-to-date group activities, testimonies, and relevant content will be found. Three major goals will aid to position Divine Concept Group, Inc. as the premiere nonprofit organization not only in the local Hampton Roads/Tidewater Virginia area but across the borders onto International arenas.

Below summarizes the strategic smart goals for Divine Concept Group, Inc.’s campaign:

3-Prong PR and Communications Plan
1. Focus on Social Media Expansion and Integration of their brand message and story using their existing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
2. Create Multimedia pieces to include in their current Communication magazine – Unveiled Purpose and also use their signature events such as The Writer’s Conference, Divine Showcase, and The family Retreat and Conference as another avenue to increase brand awareness with participants and/or subscribers.
3. Revamp and re-launch their current website – that content is up-to-date, relevant, attractive, and effective for solidifying DCG as the premiere go-to organization for faith-based community serving activities.

Below is a promotional video that provides event and organizational details for the upcoming Author’s and Writer’s Workshop and Independent Book Fair. Since, February is just a few days away, make sure to register today and obtain the special “Early Bird” discount rate at the EventBrite site.

Published on Jan 24, 2015 By Miriam Smith Stevens

About Divine Concept Group, Inc.

DCG became an official non-profit corporation recognized by the Virginia Corporation Commission on October 1, 2008. In our effort to function as a viable non-profit organization we are incorporated and in the process of having our non-profit status officially recognized by the IRS. Currently we are functioning through fundraising activities and the generous support of our members and partners.

Business Mission

“Divine Concept Group is a faith-based Non-Profit Organization that assists women to grow spiritually, emotionally, professionally and socially. It is our mission to assist women in discovering, developing and utilizing their skills and abilities. We promote Christian principles through interpersonal fellowship, community based activities, outreach programs and other events. It is our goal to uplift and edify people from all backgrounds regardless of race, creed, color, age, gender, religious affiliation or status.”

Divine Concept Group, Inc. Vision

“It is our purpose to sponsor Christ-centered programs and interactions which enhance personal development, provide resources, and connect women with the people & resources that can help them fulfill their God given purpose. Our services include but are not limited to conferences, seminars, events, scholarship funding and outreach programs, as well as support and funding assistance to other non-profit organizations with a similar mission. It is our goal to foster and encourage racial and denominational diversity, unity and fellowship within our programming, and to promote growth of women through service to other women, families, youth and the community.”

TELEPHONE: 757-515-7142


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Event Flyer: DCG 3rd Author’s & Writer’s Workshop and Independent Book Fair

For downloadable event flyers with details see below.  Also, take time to view the promotional video and review the event  media press release.  Thank you.

Do register by February 1, 2015 to get your discounted ticket.  Also, add to your calendar so you won't miss out on this valuable opportunity.  Photo Credit:  M. Stevens

Do register by February 1, 2015 to get your discounted ticket. Also, add to your calendar so you won’t miss out on this valuable opportunity. Photo Credit: M. Stevens



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