DCG Market Position Research Survey

In an effort to help create an accurate Market Position for Divine Concept Group, Inc. during my Capstone Thesis project endeavors, I am asking that you all please take a moment to complete this brief survey.  Thank you for your candid, honest, and valuable responses.  Have an awesome day!  Miriam

If you closed down the “pop-up window” for the survey you can still visit this URL site at Survey Monkey and participate in the survey. Thank you again for your support! Peace ~ Miriam

TechSoup.Org a nonprofit to help nonprofits be the best they can be on an international market.  They use Brand Storytelling one project at a time.

TechSoup.org’s annual 2011 Storytelling Challenge provides an educational webinar event on “How to tell your Digital Story” that sparks global DIY nonprofit brand messaging projects.

TechSoup provides nonprofit groups year round webinars, tools, and resources to help nonprofit organizations realize their vision. Below showcases the 2012 promotional video for the Digital Storytelling Challenge that provides insight as to the mission behind TechSoup. TSDigs TechSoup Enter...