#Storytelling Webinar – 5 Questions to ask to jumpstart your brand

Full Sail University PR Grad Student presents this #Storytelling:  5 Questions to ask that will jumpstart your brand story in an informative webinar 

On Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 10:30 pm (EST), Miriam Stevens presented a 20-minute webinar that explained the five questions to ask to jumpstart your brand story.  Miriam Stevens is the CEO of MsStevensPR.Com and helps non-profits, start-up business, and individuals to initiate their brand management campaign online. Make sure to view this informative webinar located at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2EhWEvP3ZY&feature=youtu.be.

There is definitely an art and science to storytelling and when done well, people gravitate to the message, identify with the content, and align with the characters. This method of communications has been the mode for how humans connect through the centuries. Pictures, sign language, verbal, non-verbal, and written words all can craft an intriguing, compelling, and heart-warming story. This way to share with one another is key for a company to get its brand recognized, adopted, and promoted. Therefore, if one wants to really solidify its position, purpose, and plans into the heart of people. In the following webinar,

Why is this webinar topic timely in this age of technology and Internet marketing?  The answer is we need to position ourselves in the social media market in a unique and memorable manner.

We all have one that is filled with intrigue, excitement, turmoil, adventure, challenge, and triumph. The fascinating journey to reveal, embrace, and explore that fuels the passion behind our purpose. It is a unique conversation, visual collage, and an emotional tug that allures the public into our world.

What is it?

Our personal story.

Miriam Smith Stevens, CEO of MsStevensPR.Com shares 5 key questions that everyone – small business, start-up business, non-profits, large corporations, and even the individual must ask in order to jumpstart their brand story in this informative webinar.

There is an art and science to storytelling.

The Science of Storytelling Infographic

In the world today, articulating this message to the public connects brand to audience. The Brand Paramedic provides the insight needed to jumpstart your brand’s message using the art of storytelling. There is a science and art to storytelling that relates to brain activity, messaging, distribution, and content. Infographic Source Credit: http://elearninginfographics.com/science-storytelling-infographic/

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TechSoup.Org a nonprofit to help nonprofits be the best they can be on an international market.  They use Brand Storytelling one project at a time.

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